who we are

Our school is unique in countless ways. W.I.D.E. School is Licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.   W.I.D.E. School is a private school, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, and is in the Missouri City/Sugar Land Texas area, serving the Fort Bend area communities since 2001.  W.I.D.E. is a place where children are supported as they Wonder, Investigate, Discover and Educate themselves and their community.  W.I.D.E. School educates and cares for children from infancy through middle school and will continue to add grades every year.   W.I.D.E. School encompasses our two main divisions, Early Childhood & Upper Grades, as well as our Think Tank divisions, made up of our Creative team (Yellow House Atelier) and our Nutrition team (Rediscovering Food).  The care and programs offered:

·         W.I.D.E. School – Upper Grades (K-6)

·         W.I.D.E. Pre-School – Early Childhood Development (Infant-Bridge)

·         Yellow House Atelier – Creative Division

·         Rediscovering Food – Nutrition/Gardening Division

Our Director, Maryam Lumpkin, and our Art Director, Marjon F. Aucoin, are sisters whose combined 5 children attend the school. Maryam graduated from Houston Baptist University in 2001 and was awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in Business Administration and Marketing. Also in 2001, Maryam joined the Little Wonders Learning Center (now known as the W.I.D.E. Pre-School) and trained under her aunt, Nikou Fatemizadeh for several years before becoming the director. Nikou earned a Master’s Degree in Education from Sam Houston State University and has 35 years of experience in many educational endeavors including spending 10 years as the Curriculum Coordinator for the Lab School at Houston Community College. Under Maryam's directorship, she formed a partnership with her sister and professional artist, Marjon F. Aucoin, now the school’s Art Director and head the of Yellow House Atelier. Together they have pursued their deep commitment to understanding the thought processes of children and finding innovative ways of educating them. Maryam and Marjon are on site and in the classrooms each day. 

the creation of our elementary program

As Maryam and Marjon's own children got closer to the age of starting elementary school, they looked endlessly for a school that shares their strong image of children. They ultimately decided to create a school they would want for their own children.

The sisters believe that our world needs future adults who can think for themselves, tackle complex problems, think outside the box, and embody true self confidence that comes from years of practicing these skills in various ways. As parents and educators, they believe that children deserve a powerful childhood that is full of wonder, curiosity, creativity, imagination, questioning, and rich experiences. They believe that when a child goes to school, they should be surrounded by supportive teachers that believe in their individual strengths and talents. The teachers should be fully dedicated to creating lifelong learners who feel connected to the world around them and who are motivated and feel fully capable to execute their dreams.  Ten years later, in 2011, they began another journey by opening the elementary component: The School of Wonders (now known as the W.I.D.E. School).

"I am proud to say that our elementary program is everything we hoped for and dreamed of for all of the children in our care." -Maryam Lumpkin

establishing the W.I.D.E. Campus

Powered with the current needs of both schools and the exciting future ahead, Maryam and Marjon began another exciting journey of building their own campus in 2016! The WIDE campus is a physical space for educators and families alike to bring together their expertise and passions for the benefit of our children, our community, and each other. Affectionately known as the W.I.D.E. campus, Maryam Lumpkin and Marjon F. Aucoin can now offer the type of education that our children deserve and our future needs.

"The W.I.D.E. campus is a platform with immense opportunity for everyone involved. It is so much bigger than us. We are part of a movement in education that I am so proud to be part of. In our schools, education and childhood live together. It is simply incredible to see children learn and grow everyday while being themselves." - Marjon F. Aucoin