Hiram Trevino - "Mr.T"

Hiram Trevino, affection­ately known as Mr. T, is our sound engineer and Think Tank member at the Wide School. As a Think Tank member, Hiram works with each classroom—from infants to elemen­tary. His expertise and vision greatly im­pacts honoring and sup­porting the 100 lan­guages of our students. Hiram has a deep understand­ing of how learning takes place in our school. Hiram’s goal for our students is to reinforce core academic subjects through music. History, geography, math, phys­ics, social studies, Eng­lish, etc can all be ex­plored through music. We are excited to announce 2 music programs that he is offering this summer to our students. Please read below for more information:

Fall 2016 Music classes are underway. For interest in future Music Classes, please contact: admissions.wideschool@gmail.com