Yellow House Atelier

Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.

-Sir Ken Robinson

The Yellow House Atelier is the heart and soul of the schools within the WIDE campus. Art, in all its forms, enriches our student's lives tremendously. The artists in Yellow House works closely with every classroom and Think Tank members to enrich the lives of all the students. The Yellow House Atelier also offers private instruction to outside students.

The Birth of Yellow House Atelier

Marjon F. Aucoin, is the Art Director and owner of Yellow House Atelier. She is a professional artist who graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago and has 2 children who attend the WIDE school. The Yellow House is very dear to her heart. Vincent Van Gogh is one of her favorite artists; not only for his signature impressionistic textures and movement that we have all grown to know and appreciate, but for the passion and struggles that he as an artist and individual experienced throughout his career. Art was a means of expression and pure joy for Vincent. At one point in his career he lived in a house in Arles, France and it was painted bright yellow. He believed that the color yellow was a happy and inviting color and he had dreams of transforming the home into a place where artist from all over could come live and create together.

This is the same dream Marjon has for Yellow House Atelier. She strongly believes in collaboration with artists and the community for support and for inspiration. Marjon and the rest of the art team will often bring in other artist in that can offer a different way to perceive the world around them and influence the students that enter the studio.