Searching for Letters in Our Name

Sky Class (Day Sky)

Searching for Letters in Our Name

Every day the children sign in as they come into class. Teachers, parents, and classmates all help and support each other during sign in. We use the signing in process as an opportunity to help reinforce letter recognition and word formation. Another ongoing project in the class is using scissors. The children have been using scissors for almost every project in the classroom and their enjoyment of cutting is evident. Cutting is beneficial for several reasons. The small muscle groups in the hand that are used during cutting are also need for writing. Manipulating paper with one hand while cutting with the other is a difficult skill for children to master. They must exercise patience, dexterity, and determination to be successful. In everything our children do throughout the day, we strive to present them with countless opportunities to see themselves as capable and determined people. 

The teachers decided to merge the process of signing in with cutting! The addition of scissors in the signing in process offered a level of novelty and challenge that really engaged the children. Letters were printed on strips of paper that were presented to the children. The children were excited to find the letters in their name and discovered that several children shared the same letters. As they identified letters, they had to think if those letters were in their own name and then the children cut out the letters and glue them in the correct sequence to form their name.       

This project had several challenging elements that incorporated different interests. Ultimately, the children were able to practice several important skills in a relaxed and playful way. Children will tend to challenge themselves, usually further than an adult would, when they feel capable, interested, and relaxed. We strive to provide opportunities throughout the day for children to strengthen their sense of self. Equipped with the right mindset, we can learn anything. 

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The following developmental/academic skills were incorporated and/or naturally occurred as part of this project:

Literacy: Letter recognition and creating words left to right

Mathematics/Fine Motor Skills: One to one correspondence, cutting shapes, gluing small letter cutouts onto the paper, spatial relationships, using glue properly (squeezing the bottle, getting the desired amount to come out, stopping the flow, etc).

Collaboration/Language: The children often worked with each other to determine the letters in their name and recognition of the letters themselves.

Cognitive Thinking: Not seeing their name written, the children had to think of all the letters in their name, cut them out, and keep track of which letters were missing. This provocation reinforced that our 26 letter alphabet makes up many, many words - including all the names in our class!   

Social/Sense of Self: Taking turns, helping each other, seeing themselves as capable individuals but also with a connection to a group. 

Extensions: The teachers plan to continue using cutting in the sign in process and will incorporate more math into the project. 

Parental Support: Anytime a parent takes the time to do an activity with their child - especially an activity that is an extension of school work - the child receives the message that their work and learning is important and valuable. Please extend this project at home by giving your child a magazine or newspaper and asking them to cut out the letters in their name (or anyone's name). Feel free to bring in their work from home so they can tell their class about their experience!